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RI Self Storage is your one stop shop for all moving supplies in Central Falls, RI.  We understand that you need your furniture items and belongings protected when you are in transit from one property to another or if you wish to put them into storage.  We have a wide range of packing supplies available including:

  • Packing paper
  • Foam packing peanuts
  • Moving boxes and labels
  • Foam moving wrap
  • Bubble roll
We'll also tell you how best to wrap your items so they are protected from damage or breakage while in transit and always recommend you organize your packing in good time for you move so that you're ready to go!  The most important thing is to ensure you label everything because many people think they will recognize their items easily.  When you move home you pack a lot into boxes and if you re-use boxes it can be hard to keep track of the contents if they've been used in a move before.  We provide bespoke packing materials that are designed for the specific purpose.  We have labels that mark the contents of boxes so that you are not left wondering what you put inside them!

We always recommend you take the time to sit down and prepare a checklist for your move, particularly if you are downsizing and moving certain things to storage and others to your new property.  If you are more organized, there is less chance of stress and more possibility of success!  Moving home can be stressful enough without making it harder for yourself by not being fully prepared!

Align yourself with an experienced and reliable moving supplies company and we'll ensure your house or office move runs smoothly and that your belongings and possessions are protected whilst in transit or in our storage facility.  

If you're planning a house move in Central Falls, RI, contact us for the very best products available to assist you.

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